25 Hacks Every Organized Chick Should Know

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Use a clean ice tray to store your earrings. Each slot can be used for one pair of earrings, ensuring that they never get tangled ever again!

Use binder clips on the side of your desk to keep your cords from falling to the ground or getting tangled. Simply attach the binder clip to the desk and slip your cord through the metal clip.

To get organized and make your office look cute, use a shutter to store mail! All you have to do is decorate the shutter to look good, attach it to the wall, and then slip your mail in the shutter slots for storage.

Use a magazine holder to organize your tin foil, plastic wrap, etc. You just have to slide each one into the magazine holder and then, when you need one, just pull it out.

Slide a pop tab over your hanger’s neck and then hang another hanger from the tab. This doubles the amount of space in your closet without needing much more space!

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