25 Hacks Every Organized Chick Should Know

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We all need to charge our electronics, but all those cords can look terrible. Instead, make a cute little book or box that your phone and cord can hide inside. Genius!

Attach a tension rod under the kitchen sink. From it, you can hang spray bottles, gloves, and other cleaning supplies. This essentially doubles the storage space you have beneath the sink and keeps things way cleaner.

Never lose another remote in the couch cushions with this great idea! Put a piece of Velcro on the back of each remote and a corresponding piece of Velcro on the coffee table. All you have to do is stick the remote back on the Velcro spot when you’re not using it and it won’t ever get lost!

For all your bins and containers, make sure they’re labeled and clearly visible. If possible, use clear bins and containers so you can always know what’s inside each one.

Take some PVC pipe and turn it into a holster for your curling iron or straightener. You can keep this attached to the inside of the cupboard underneath the bathroom sink for easy access.

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