25 Hacks Every Organized Chick Should Know

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Take old paper towel or toilet paper rolls and store wires and cords in them. You can even label each roll so that you know exactly what wire is in each one.

Use a hanging shoe organizer to store cleaning supplies. Just hang it over a door, fill each slot with a cleaning supply, and you’re good.

Store your spices with magnetized containers. Attach a magnetic strip under your cupboards or somewhere in your kitchen, put the magnets on the spice lids, and you’re good!

Most doors have a little bit of space above them, so use that space to get organized! You can put a small shelf for things like towels, wash cloths, and other smaller items.

If you’re trying to figure out which clothes to keep and which to get rid of, try this. Put all your hangers in the closet backwards and wear your clothes like normal. After a few months, any backwards hangers are the clothes you don’t wear!

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