25 Hacks Every Organized Chick Should Know

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Keep track of all your bobby pins by using a magnetic strip for them! Just attach the strip to your bathroom wall and put your bobby pins on it whenever you take them out of your hair.

Know which wire belongs to what by attaching a bread tag to it. Write what the wire is to on the bread tag and you’ll always know which where goes to what.

Instead of stacking your shirts in drawers, store them vertically. This allows you to see exactly how many and what shirts you have left. Genius!

Make your own scarf hanger by attaching curtain rings to a hanger. Just slide your scarves through each curtain ring and you’re good. You can save a ton of space this way.

Take a wire hanger and bend it so that you can store all of your open toed shoes on them! This is super easy to do and keeps everything in one organized place!

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