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10 Traits of the Most Organized Kitchens

10 Traits of the Most Organized Kitchens

Clean kitchens always begin in the refrigerator. The best way to keep your kitchen clean and organized is to do a weekly and monthly cleaning. Once a week, go through your food and throw away anything that’s expired. Get rid of the things you and your family don’t use. Once a month, do a deep clean: wipe down shelves, empty and clean fridge, etc.

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In order to avoid dishes piling up in your sink, empty the dishwasher as soon as it’s done running. This takes away any excuse you may have of leaving dirty dishes in the sink, plus all your clean dishes are right where they should be.

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Store things close to where you use them. For example, keep plates by the table, knives and cutting board near the island or wherever you cut, etc. This keeps you from running all over the kitchen to grab things, and it makes it easier to put things back when you’re done using them.

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For seasonal items like holiday platters and dishes, store them outside the kitchen. Keep them in the attic, garage, or in a display cabinet of sorts. This cuts down on needless clutter throughout the rest of the year.

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Keeping your pantry organized can definitely be harder than keeping the refrigerator clean. Use bins and containers for all of your items. Make them see through so that you know exactly what’s in each one. Often, food items come in excessively large packages that just take up space so containers are the best idea.

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For items that you use every day, keep them on the counter. Everything else on the counter should be put away. This keeps your counters a lot neater and more organized, promoting overall organization in the kitchen.

When you put things in the fridge and freezer, do your best to label them (or label the spots in your fridge and freezer where you want things to go). Not only does this make it organized, but you and the whole family will know exactly where everything goes.

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Pots and pans always seem to be a nightmare when it comes to kitchen storage and organization. If you can manage to keep your pots and pans organized, then the rest of the kitchen will be super easy!

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While it’s nice to have extra glasses and dishware in case of guests, how often does that really happen? Prune some of your cups, bowls, and plates so that you have the amount you use between wash cycles. It keeps things neater and also prevents clutter.

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I love having cookbooks around but, I’ll be honest, I read maybe 10% of them. Copy or cut out your favorite recipes in each cook book and then get rid of the rest of it. This way you have a collection of your favorite recipes without all the books taking up a majority of the space.

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