20 Unique Ways to Bring Organization to Your Laundry Room

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  • The more labels you have in your laundry room, the more organized you’ll be able to be. And you can make them really cute, like these frosted window labels!
  • Keep a little stain kit on hand you can use whenever an article of clothing is messy. You can keep it in a cute wire basket, wooden caddy, etc.
  • Wall mounts are so helpful in the laundry room. Since you’re not worried about guests coming in and seeing the laundry room, use the wall space for storage so you can have easy access to laundry supplies.
  • I like having a big garbage can in my laundry room. Some people like a small one, but you just have to empty it more often. A big one keeps things more organized and more efficient.
  • A cute way to get organized is by hanging your laundry bags on hooks. Have labels above the hooks (so you know what goes in each bag) and then hang the bag on the hook. So cute!

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