20 Unique Ways to Bring Organization to Your Laundry Room

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  • Get a wheeled laundry cart. Do it, you’ll love it. Not only are things more movable in the laundry room, but you can also take it around the house if needed.
  • Wicker baskets are a cute way to get organized in the laundry room. You can use them to store supplies, put dirty clothes, etc.
  • Mason jars work really well for storing laundry soap, detergent, etc. You can get big, hefty Mason jars that hold a lot of product so you’re not constantly refilling them.
  • If your kids do their own laundry, then you’ll save yourself a lot of time and stress by putting instructions on how to use the machines on the actual machines. This way, they don’t ask you questions all the time and also don’t ruin their clothes! Plus, they’ll know where to put everything, keeping you organized.
  • If possible, use your own containers to store the laundry supplies. Boxes from the store are often big, bulky, and awkward, meaning they take up a lot of unnecessary space and make things more cluttered.

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