25 Things to Get Rid Of Now

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  • Get rid of your kids’ old artwork. It may be hard, but it’s necessary. Or (because kid’s artwork really is the best!) purchase a bin for each of your children, and store all of their projects.
  • Any unread books or magazines in your home should definitely be donated. Keep the ones you really like or new ones that you have bought, but donate the rest!
  • Having grocery bags around is helpful, but you don’t need them overtaking your home. Keep a few and then get rid of the rest!
  • You should also toss your kitchen sponge. That thing can get covered in germs, so make sure you’re replacing it often!
  • Expired sunblock and lotions should be properly disposed of as soon as possible. Not only are they useless, but they can also be dangerous to have around the house.

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