25 Hacks to Keep the Messiest Areas Organized

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  • Store your shirts vertically in the dresser instead of stacking them. This allows you to see what shirts you have without having to rifle through all the others and make a mess.
  • Make a tape dispenser out of PVC pipe or a similar material. Simply slide the tape onto the pipe and then pull whenever you need! So much easier than tons of different tape dispensers.
  • You can make a drawer organizer out of fabric and cereal boxes! Just decorate the boxes (which you’ve cut to the size you want) and then stick them in the drawer.
  • Take an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll and slide it around your wrapping paper tube. This keeps the wrapping paper from unraveling!
  • Store your spices by using magnets. Attach magnets to the lids of the spice containers and then snap them onto a magnet board to keep everything in place.

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