25 Hacks to Keep the Messiest Areas Organized

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  • You can do the same thing with your nails and screws. Simply divide them up, put them in containers with magnetized lids, and then store them on a magnet board.
  • Take an old picture frame, add pegboard or wire to the inside, and then hang up your jewelry! It’s fast, cheap, and super easy. If you want, you can even decorate the picture frame.
  • Slide a pop tab over the neck of a hanger. Now you can hang another hanger on that tab, making your closet so much more spacious and organized!
  • Add extra storage to any room by putting a shelf right above the door. There’s almost always a few inches of space, perfect for storing things like towels!
  • Attach curtain rod rings to a hanger and slide scarves through each one of them. Alternatively, you can just tie about 3 scarves around each hanger, keeping your scarves from getting tangled.

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