25 Hacks to Keep the Messiest Areas Organized

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  • To keep your cords at your desk more organized, use bread clips. Simply label each of them (phone, iPad, computer, etc.) and then snap them around the cord it belongs to! No more guessing!
  • Whether in the kitchen, garage, or somewhere else, store your garbage bags on a rod. That way, you can simply unroll the garbage bags and they’ll easily come off!
  • Keep your cords more organized by using a shoebox. Just stick the surge protector in the shoe box and the majority of the cords in it as well. Super easy and cheap.
  • Attach Velcro strips to your remotes and somewhere near the couch. Now, whenever you need a remote, you know exactly where they’ll be!
  • You can use pieces of crown molding to store your heels! Simply attach the crown molding to your wall at a slight angle and then your heels should fit right into it!

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