25 Hacks to Keep the Messiest Areas Organized

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  • Use a paper towel holder to organize your bracelets. You can just slide the bracelets over the top of the holder, making jewelry storage so much easier!
  • Underneath the kitchen sink, attach a tension rod. You can store stuff on the tension rod (like bottles) and also have storage space underneath.
  • You can also use a shoe rack to store cleaning supplies. Simply slide a cleaning supply in each compartment, making cleaning that much more organized.
  • Utilize more space in your freezer with binder clips. Just take bags of frozen food and clip them to the shelves in the freezer, letting them hang while still being stored properly.
  • You can actually use binder clips to organize your cords as well. Just clip them onto the edge of your desk and slide the cord through the clip. This will keep them in place and organized.

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