20 Organization Hacks (They’ll Change Your Life!)

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Take empty toilet paper rolls and use them to store your cords. Put one cord in each roll, label it, and then put them away. No more tangled mess.

Paint your keys so that you can easily tell them apart. Have one color for the car, one for the front door, etc.

Install a magnet strip by your bathroom counter that you can use to store all of your bobby pins! You just have to stick the bobby pins on the magnet and you’re good!

Turn an old picture frame into a great jewelry holder! Just revamp the frame if you want and then put pegboard or some wires inside to store your jewelry.

Add magnets to the top of jars so you can store them in non-traditionally places (like the wall or underneath your cabinets). You can use this storage idea for spices, nails, screws, or anything else.

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