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15 Ways to Organize a Small Bedroom

How to Organize a Small Bedroom- 15 tips and tricks for organizing small spaces


Get some over the door storage that you can use in your bedroom. You can put it over your bedroom door or you can put it on your closet door, whatever works best.


Make sure to use as much vertical space as possible when you have a small bedroom. If needed, get a stepladder, but its’ still worth using up all the vertical space.


Another great way to get your small bedroom organized is by decluttering. Don’t keep holding onto things that you never use and will end up getting thrown out anywhere. Declutter right now so you have more space.


If possible, get some under the bed storage that you can use. Ideally it would be wheeled so the storage can easily come in and out from underneath the bed, but it doesn’t have to roll.


Having a hanging nightstand is actually a really good way to organize your bedroom. Not only does it not take up any floor space, but it also forces you to make sure you keep the top organized.

15 Ways to Organize a Small Bedroom6

Invest in some storage furniture that can do double duty. Instead of a little bench at the foot of your bed, make it a storage bench with spots to keep things organized.


Clean some old paint cans out and then attach them to the inside wall of your closet. You can use these to store pairs of shoes so that they take up less floor space!


If you have a headboard, then make sure it also has some place for storage! Even just a small notch where you can put your book, water bottle, or glasses is really helpful.


Instead of having lights that sit on the ground, get them wall mounted! It saves up on floor space and also, in general, is smaller than a normal lamp.


I bet you’re storing your shirts all wrong! Instead of stacking them, store them vertically. This lets you see how many shirts you have left and which ones!


Make or buy a wall-mounted jewelry organizer that you can keep in your room. A picture frame is a good example of one that works well and that stores lots of jewelry.


If you really need space, then get a bed skirt that has pockets for you to store your items. You can put your book, your pajamas, or any other item you want in them.


Get a storage item that goes around your bed. It could stretch out over the head of your bed or be at the foot, whatever works best!


Put a shelf above your door that allows you to add more storage space. This is nice because it’s just a wasted spot that you can put to work!


Add hooks onto the inside of your closet door and use it to get more storage. For example, you can use this hook to store your hamper or other items!

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