20 Unique Ways to Bring Organization to Your Laundry Room

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  • Not only is this really handy, but it’s also gorgeous! Install a rod you can use to hang your delicates on and a curtain to keep them hidden away, if necessary. Also add some colorful shelving to match the curtains. So cute!
  • Cubbies are your best friend when it comes to laundry room organization. Have a laundry bag or basket in each cubby, and designate each one for a specific type of clothing. It makes laundry a lot more efficient and organized.
  • Space can be tight in a laundry room, so you want to minimalize as much as possible in order to stay organized. Attach an ironing board to the wall or the back of the door. It folds down when you need it, and stays out of the way when it’s not being used.
  • Make a cute little basket or board where you can store socks that have lost their other half. You’ll almost always find it later, so keep them in one spot so you don’t drive yourself crazy.
  • You often need to have some space between your dryer, washing machine, and wall because of the design or shape of the machines. If so, install a shelving unit in the tight space that you can pull out to get detergent, soap, dryer sheets, etc.

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