20 Organization Hacks (They’ll Change Your Life!)

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Store your scarves the super easy way with this hack! Simply attach curtain rings to a hanger and then slide a scarf through each one! Fantastic!

Take a tab from a soda can and hang it around the neck of a hanger. You can now hang another hanger form that tab, doubling the space in your closet!

When buying furniture, get pieces that double as storage. If you already have furniture, then add some storage to the furniture (like a storage ottoman) so that you can have more space to put things.

Use an over-the-door hanger to store your cleaning supplies, or anything really. Just put one item in each pocket and you’re good to go!

Use a tension rod under the kitchen sink to add extra storage space. You can hang your spray bottles, gloves, and other similar items off it and then store things below the rod as well.

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