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14 Ways to Turn Old Furniture into New Storage

14 Ways to Turn Furniture into Storage


Take an old bookshelf, turn it on its side, and then you can use it as a storage bench! You can just repaint the bookshelf and add some cushions for a more comfortable seat!


Turn the end of a bedframe into hook storage! You just take the end part, jazz it up if you want, and then attach some hooks so it can becoming a nice, hanging hook rack!


Take any side of a crib and turn it into a fabric organizer. You just drape the pieces of fabric over the rods and you’re good to go!


If you have an old filing cabinet, then here’s a great idea. Turn it on its side, remove the drawers, and then use it to store tools! Attach wheels to the back of it to make it more mobile.


I love this idea; it’s so clever! Take a piano and hang it on the wall to make some storage! Take the top of it off (and obviously the legs) and then you’ll have some creative storage. So cool!


Take an old wooden ladder, make it look nice, and then use it as storage. You can lead it up against the wall and store anything from your favorite knickknacks to simple towels and cloths.


I think this idea is just so cool. Take a folding chair, put it on the wall, and then you have pull out storage! Use the top to store boxes and the legs to hang clothes and other items.


Take an old entertainment center and transform it into a cubby system. You may have to remove some of the shelving and doors, but it’s a pretty simple fix and it looks really nice!


If you have an old, antique cabinet, then turn it into a nightstand. It looks great and it doesn’t take too much to convert this furniture to storage.


If you have kids, then they probably have dozens of stuffed animals (I know mine do). Instead of having them all over the place, take an old bean bag, empty it, and then fill it with the stuffed animals. So great!


If you like vintage, then this is a great idea! Get an old steamer trunk or piece of luggage and turn it into a storage device. You can make a storage coffee table or just a storage device off to the side.


Take a stereo cabinet and turn it into a nice little bar table. There are a few different ideas and ways that you can do this, but I just love how classy it looks!


If you have your old mattress spring, hang it up on the wall and use it as a fantastic message board! You can fit the notes and clips through the springs and use it all the time!


Get an old step ladder, spruce it up to your liking, and then hang it on the wall. You can now use it for a cute little storage section!

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