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15 Ways Magazine Holders will Change Your Life


Take the magazine holder and put it in your pantry. Fill it with cans and it will act as a sturdy can holder to make sure your cans all stay in one place and are easily accessible.


Use magazine holders to store and divide your mail and paperwork. You can use at least three for “ingoing,” “outgoing,” and “junk” categories. It’ a super clever idea!


Another use for magazine holders in the kitchen is to hold all your foils and wraps. You can just attach the holder to a cupboard and then stick the containers in them!


If you just need one more shelf for your wall, then use magazine holders! They act really good as shelf extenders that can add some more storage space for you!


Put a magazine holder on the counter in your bathroom and use it to store your hot tools when you’re not using them! Choose a color you like and that goes with the rest of the bathroom.


You can also attach the magazine holder to the inside of your bathroom cupboard or the side to store away your hot tools (or other items) and have them out of the way when you aren’t using them.


If you can find a jumbo magazine holder, then you can use it as a classy toilet paper holder! You just stick the extra rolls of toilet paper in it and you’re good to go!


Put the magazine holder into your pantry or kitchen drawer and use it to store your water bottles. Just slide them in and stack them on top of each other to keep them in place and provide easy storage.


You can also use a magazine holder to store your shoes (specifically flip flops and sandals, but any that fit, really). You just put the magazine holder in your closet and fill them up!


If you need a little corner table or mini desk, take a sturdy magazine holder, turn it on its side, and voila, it’s a corner table! So convenient!


Make your very own command center just out of magazine holders! It’s really easy to do and is incredibly helpful for keeping things stored and organized.


Another use for a magazine holder in the bathroom is to store and organize your makeup supplies. Just slip them into the holder and, whenever you’re done, you can just take it with you! Great for girls who share a bathroom.


If you have lots of clutch bags, then you know it’s hard to store them well. Use a magazine holder to keep all your clutches in one spot and well organized.


If you have those wooden magazine holders that open up, you can use them to store towels. Not only is it still classy-looking, but it actually works super well!


Get that disorganized drawer under control by using a magazine holder. It keeps everything limited to one spot in the drawer, plus it makes it so that everything is kept tightly together!

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